Mark Shedletsky


By Mark Shedletsky · Feb 4th '07 4:42pm
Filed Under: Business Update

The paperwork is done. It's official. Today BlueHaze is born.

BlueHaze: The Idea
From before you even think about going to see a concert until well after the show's finished, BlueHaze will be there to help make the concert experience even better. Whether online or on your phone,

BlueHaze will:

I'm sure the idea will evolve with your help. Send ideas, feedback and more.

BlueHaze: The Name
Take a beautiful solo from Miles Davis, add a few licks of Jimi Hendrix, drop in a subtle drug reference, and fill it with a visual reference of the blue haze of cell phones and smoke that hovers over the crowd at concerts – and that's where the name comes from.


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